Join Technicolor At SIGGRAPH 2016 For The Future Of Storytelling

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Conference & Exhibition - USA
July 25, 2016 - July 28, 2016
Explore the future of storytelling at SIGGRAPH 2016 with Technicolor.
Join Technicolor At SIGGRAPH 2016 For The Future Of Storytelling

SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest, most influential annual event in computer graphics and interactive techniques: Five days of research results, demos, educational sessions, art, screenings, and hands-on interactivity featuring the community’s latest technical achievements, and three days of commercial exhibits displaying the industry's current hardware, software, and services.

This year teams across Technicolor are participating and presenting at SIGGRAPH to discuss next-generation technologies and the future of storytelling.


Monday, July 25th

Dancing Trees

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Can't See the Jungle for the Trees

MPC’s Tom Melson

The Trees of “The Jungle Book”

MPC’s Alexander Schwank, Callum James, Tony Micilotta

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

HDR Content Creation: Creative and Technical Challenges

High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays are increasingly available to consumers, but content availability is still lagging behind. Although many of the fundamental problems relating to HDR, such as tone management, storage, compression, and display, have been extensively addressed in the scientific literature, practical solutions for HDR content creation are still being explored. This course explores the challenges relating to HDR post-production workflows and discusses the current state of the art in tools and technologies.

Technicolor’s Tania Pouli and Josh Pines will be your instructors.


Tuesday, 26 July, 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Cache-Friendly Micro-Jittered Sampling

Introducing a cache-friendly micro-jittered technique for faster multi-dimensional Monte Carlo integration in parallel ray tracing engines: The method is simple and compatible with any low-discrepancy sequences, and it can drastically reduce rendering times of GPU (even CPU) path tracers or any stochastic ray-based renderers.

Technicolor’s Arthur Dufay, Pascal Lecocq, and Jean-Eudes Marvie are presenting.

11:00 am - 11:30 am

Come listen to MPC's Head of VR & Immersive Content Tim Dillon and Jason Schugardt discuss Marco Brambilla’s “Playtime” at Nokia's booth (Interactive Exhibitor, #336) as part of the Nokia OZO Ecosystem: The State of the Art in VR series.


Wednesday, 27 July, 3:45 pm - 5:55 pm

Reconstruction of Personalized 3D Face Rigs From Monocular Video

Technicolor’s Kiran Varanasi and Patrick Perez present an automatic approach to creating fully parametrized, high-quality 3D face rigs from monocular video, including legacy footage, and how they can be used in relevant facial animation and video editing tasks.


Thursday, 28 July, 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

Rapid, High-Quality Dailies with RenderFlow for "The Jungle Book"

MPC’s Jared Auty, Marlene Chazot, Ruben Diaz Hernandez, and Marco Romeo