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CATRENE Winners Named Most Innovative in Digital Life Impact
HDR Technologies
Technicolor and industry partners receive the 2016 CATRENE Innovation Award for their UltraHD-4U project enabling more cinematic and immersive experiences at home.
Technicolor Reaches New Realms At This Year’s Sundance Film Festival
Technicolor services offer independent content creators the opportunity to explore the future of...
Shedding Light on the Secret Heroes of Canada’s X Company
Technicolor works with creators to reveal Canada’s covert role in World War II: a history lesson...
Technicolor Among BAFTA, VES, CAS Award Nominees
From raising the bar on visual effects to producing immersive soundscapes, the industry recognizes...
And The Emmy Goes To… Technicolor for Leading Role in Automation
The Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards are held in conjunction with CES to recognize those...
Technicolor Knows No Borders on Frontier
Recreating the lawless life of early settlers requires a no-holds barred approach to visual effects...
STRATA Biofeedback Makes VR Experience Truly Interactive
The Mill’s STRATA is a radical re-imagining of biometric VR experiences with potential applications...