2020 3D Media Project

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February 08, 2012
Technicolor R&I completes 4-year funding project
2020 3D Media Project

The 2020 3D Media project, funded by the European Commission, will showcase its main results at Fraunhofer HHI’s TimeLab in Berlin on February 13-14, 2012, in conjunction with the Berlinale 2012 Film Festival.

During the open showcase event, the project’s experimental production short film, directed by Eric Joris, will be premiered. The film combines cutting-edge stereoscopic and immersive technologies developed in the project.

The Technicolor Research & Innovation team from Hannover, Germany contributed to the development of the capture demonstrators with joint efforts by Fraunhofer-HHI and Grass Valley. 

The three technologies include:

  • A 3D “Trifocal” camera and recording system for HD depth map generation including a live preview function
  • A versatile 10G real-time capture, Ethernet-based network
  • A “FlashPak II” field recorder which can record up to seven cameras in one time

For more details, please visit: www.20203dmedia.eu