Lacoste Brand Film Hurtles Through Time With VFX From Mikros and Color-finishing by MPC’s Jean-Clement Soret

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June 21, 2017
Time traveling visual effects by Technicolor’s Mikros keep the fast-moving story on track in Timeless film for Lacoste ad campaign.
  • Filmed footage and built-from-scratch CGI combine to bring cinematic magic to the brand experience.

Timed to the French Open tennis championship from Roland Garros in Paris, Mikros, Technicolor’s Paris headquartered visual effects brand partnered on the making of Timeless as part of Lacoste’s “Life Is a Beautiful” campaign. The short film depicts the timeless and romantic connection between a man and a woman as a visually evocative chase through the decades, aboard (and on top of) trains, and various train stations, against dramatic practical and CG backdrops, and with other visual effects created by Mikros’ teams.  Filmed footage and built-from-scratch CGI combine to bring cinematic magic to the brand experience.   Led by Creative Director/VFX Supervisor Stéphane Allender with producers Christophe Huchet and Xavier Questel, they created cinematic elements for the film meant to evoke the timeless values and elegance of the brand.

“The high-production value project – by production company Wanda for agency BETC Paris – brought together a team of A-listers, as director Seb Edwards was keen to emulate the success of his previous Lacoste campaign,” explained Allender. “The bar was set high and his intention was for the VFX to contribute to the enchanting feel of the film. As always, we try to get the footage to drive the VFX and not the other way around.” To that end, the film was shot by famed cinematographer, Hoyt van Hoytema in multiple locations over nine days, ranging from a 1930s Budapest station with vintage hero train, to modern day green-screen studio for roof runs and jumps between trains.

MPC’s Jean-Clement Soret provided color-finishing for the stunning new spot.

Hop aboard for a Timeless ride in the magical brand film: