MPC triumphs at the 2013 APA Show

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September 19, 2013
MPC is the most awarded VFX studio at the APA Show for the second year running.
MPC triumphs at the 2013 APA Show

On the 5th September, the annual Advertising Producers Association Awards Show was held in London, a showing of the year’s most exceptional commercials produced in the U.K.

MPC collaborated on a grand total of 17 of the 49 winning spots and work included: Vodafone ‘The Kiss,’ Virgin Atlantic ‘Flying in the Face of Ordinary,’ Three ‘The Pony,’ Channel 4 ‘Meet the Superhumans,’ St John Ambulance ‘Helpless,’ Specsavers, ‘Vet,’ Samsung, ‘The Charge,’ Samsung ‘King Of TV City,’  MacDonald’s ‘Dave…’

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