Part of Swisscom’s “Quing Home”

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January 02, 2013
Technicolor recently deployed MediaTouch HomePilot, home automation tablet as part of Swisscom’s “Quing Home” smart secure living offering.
MediaTouch HomePilot

The first solution of its kind launched in Switzerland, the Quing Home with MediaTouch HomePilot combines security, automation, and energy management in one convenient package. Together with Swisscom, we’ve created a true, smart home ecosystem that can be controlled by a fingertip via the Quing Home’s managed tablet or through a smartphone equipped with the necessary app.  When connected to the home network, the Quing Home tablet also allows consumers to manage and monitor their homes remotely.

Technicolor worked closely with Swisscom to integrate our field-proven MediaTouch HomePilot tablet into their network and ensure that it works seamlessly with their smart, secure-living service platform. Technicolor’s MediaTouch Android tablet has a host of features that position it as the ideal automation “hub” for the connected home:

  • Secure voice and video communications
  • Integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • GSM backup
  • Zigbee technology support

The MediaTouch Home Pilot’s open architecture is also ready to support an expanding range of smart home devices as part of Swisscom’s future services deployment.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Swisscom on this very innovative smart home solution” says, Francois Rossiensky, SVP EMEA, Technicolor. “This is a key milestone in our Smart Home strategy.  As Quing Home illustrates, our vision of an integrated ecosystem is to provide an enriched and seamless user experience within the home.”

With Technicolor as their strategic partner on the Quing Home, Swisscom can offer customers a superior experience of their innovative interactive home offering.  As Markus Doetsch, SVP Smart Living, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. says, they will be able to “easily expand our solution in the near future based on Technicolor’s CPE platform in order to offer our customers additional features and solutions for Quing Home.”