Technicolor’s first dual band concurrent Wi-Fi Certified device

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June 20, 2012
Technicolor presents its first dual band concurrent Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ gateway, the MediaAccess TG799vn v2 5GHz
Technicolor’s first dual band concurrent Wi-Fi Certified device

Recently, the MediaAccess TG799vn v2 5GHz, a smart dual band concurrent wireless gateway with embedded DECT, was Technicolor’s first 5GHz Wi-Fi product to get official certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

For any device to become Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, it needs to run through comprehensive testing in one of the Wi-Fi Alliance’s authorized test labs to prove its interoperability with other Wi-Fi devices.

To ensure that the MediaAccess TG799vn v2 5GHz would pass the tests first go, rigorous pre-testing and –certification was performed both in Technicolor’s and the ODM’s lab. Thanks to this thorough preparation process adopted by Technicolor R&D since several years, any failures in official Wi-Fi certifications are avoided.

Technicolor’s smart gateway was submitted for two major WFA certificates, i.e. 802.11n and WPS.
Worth mentioning here are the optional 802.11n certified features that it supports:

  • 20/40MHz coexistence
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent operation
  • SGi (Short Guard Time interval)
  • STBC (space time block coding)
  • WPA enterprise security mode
  • 802.11h & 802.11d testing (5GHz radio only)
  • AMPDU aggregation where the AP is the transmitter
  • Ability to receive 3 spatial streams (5GHz radio only)

To conclude, the MediaAccess TG799vn v2 5GHz proves the perfect offload solution for seamless wireless connectivity in a digital world where the 802.11n 2.4GHz band is becoming more and more crowded, and the need for increased bandwidth never ceases to grow.


Certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance gives users confidence that Wi-Fi products bearing the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ logo have passed rigorous interoperability certification requirements. This leads to improved user-experience, higher customer satisfaction rates, fewer support calls and product returns, reduced costs, and the interoperability at Wi-Fi ZONES™. As a result, the Wi-Fi Alliance Certification programs have been a catalyst for the rapid adoption of Wi-Fi products in homes, offices and public access locations around the world.