Technicolor Launches Digital Storybook to Commemorate 100 Year Anniversary

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November 19, 2015
Storybook Illustrates how Technicolor’s Legacy Lays Strong Foundation For Today’s Innovative Business Model.
Technicolor Launches Digital Storybook

To celebrate Technicolor’s Centennial, Technicolor is launching a new 100 Year Digital Storybook – an immersive, interactive experience that tells the story of Technicolor.

Technology is at the cornerstone of Technicolor’s business, however technology cannot exist without the people who create, innovate, and deliver the experiences that consumers crave.  Technicolor’s continued innovation enables the company to be pioneers on the next great frontier of storytelling, and to provide consumers with the digitally connected lifestyle of the future. At 100 years old – Technicolor is just getting started.

Explore the Digital Storybook at your own pace as it provides an overall glimpse of Technicolor, and reflects on the wide variety of businesses and brands that make Technicolor great. 

Visit the Digital Storybook