Telstra Launches Largest Deployment of Wireless Doctor

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December 07, 2017
Technicolor’s Wireless Doctor service intelligently manages 1.5 million gateways and monitors over 11 million Wi-Fi devices for the Australian provider’s large subscriber base.
  • With the Wireless Doctor managed service, Telstra can proactively optimize Wi-Fi performance for the best user experience.
  • Telstra not only has the ability to improve customer service overall – but can anticipate wireless networking issues and preempt first-time calls.
  • Wireless Doctor operates on the AWS platform using the AWS IoT toolset, supporting accelerated deployment and ability to scale.

Delivering excellent customer service to subscribers today depends on Wi-Fi performance optimized to support a growing number of wireless devices, accessing an ever-increasing number of services. With its deployment of Technicolor’s Wireless Doctor service, Telstra – Australia’s leading telecom company – can proactively manage and improve in-home wireless performance to ensure the best possible experience for its users.

“Understanding the in-home Wi-Fi network is essential to maximizing customer satisfaction with our broadband service. Wireless Doctor is an invaluable asset that has helped us achieve our goals,” said David Zsolt, General Manager, Home Product Engineering, Telstra.

With Wi-Fi performance the largest category of inbound support calls, Wireless Doctor has made it possible for Telstra to improve customer service by actively monitoring the performance of over 11 million Wi-Fi devices connected to their 1.5 million gateways. Additionally, managed Wi-Fi strategies make it possible to anticipate and preempt first-time calls related to wireless networking issues through proactive management of the in-home Wi-Fi networks.

“Technicolor’s Wireless Doctor service delivers a much-needed service to network service providers, so they can, in turn, deliver a much better Wi-Fi service as an increasingly important part of their broadband service offering to subscribers,” said Gary Gutknecht, Senior Vice President, Connected Home, Technicolor. “Wireless Doctor makes possible active radio resource management; perfect call center visibility; self-installation of Wi-Fi extenders; targeted Wi-Fi extender CAPEX strategies; and active client steering.”

The processing and service delivery for Wireless Doctor operates on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform using the AWS Internet-of-Things (IoT) toolset. AWS resources, including data centers in Australia, make it possible to accelerate the deployment of the service while supporting the ability to scale the service as demand rises.