Yvon Robitaille - Video Editor - Technicolor Montreal

Yvon Robitaille

Video Editor



Meet Yvon Robitaille, Video Editor at Technicolor Montreal.

Before becoming a video editor at Technicolor, Yvon was a maintenance technician for broadcasters, a postproduction assistant, an editor at Télé-Québec and a assistant supervisor for Vidéotron Télécom’s fiber-optic network. He is a true jack-of-all-trades for postproduction, and has been for over 15 years!

One of Yvon’s responsibilities at Technicolor is editing for versioning  production, particularly the creation of titles with special effects. He has also spent the past 12 years as editor for the Scully The World Show. Each week, he handles the editing of interviews as well as the final sound mixing for this television show.

The software that he uses on a daily basis includes Avid Media Composer and Photoshop. Yvon’s profession is also present in his free time, as he uses Photoshop at home to edit photos.

Yvon Robitaille is active, curious, and has an insatiable appetite for discovery. As a result, he enjoys a number of activities in his free time, including photo editing, biking and relaxing. And if he had a million dollars, he would start again an air sport: gliding (with sailplanes)!