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Elastic cloud application solution for the access network operators (Postdoc)

Technicolor, as the leader of consumer premise equipment (CPE) for both broadband access and IPTV, is very engaged in the industry trend called Network Function virtualization (NFV) and in particular one of the most attractive use case: the virtual consumer premise equipment (vCPE). The latter consist in deporting, from the today existing [possibly triple play] residential gateway, the routing functionality and as much layer 3 and above functions as possible into the access network. It is seen by the access network operators as 1/ an enabler for (a significant) faster new/updated service deployment, 2/ a facilitator for home network troubleshooting and 3/ an opportunity for proposing/deploying new services for the user and third parties benefit. Locating the network functions such as DHCP, DNS, NAT/firewall but also home automation, parental control into the access network requires revisiting the current access network infrastructure as studied in [1]. A lot of companies are now focusing on this promising virtual gateway architecture in order to better understand the network impact. The architecture involves NFV (relying intensively onto machine virtualization concepts), software defined network (SDN)[1]and cloud technology.



The objective is to develop and experiment a virtual customer premisse equipment or residential/business virtual gateway.
Our goal is to gain expertise, detect and solve potential issues through experiments, field tests, leveraging potential partnership for anticipating a possible new product line.
Our aproach is to progressively implement and test the virtualized newtork functions while operating a possibly optimized architecture(s) so as to be in situation to enlarge the footprint of our testing. As an example, Cruz and Al. [2] did experiment the virtual gateway through operating a vertical segmentation (basically one VM for one virtual gateway) that facilitate/accelarate the overall concept check. However because it cannot scale, it must be revisited and thus potentially jeopardize some of the first conclusion/lessons learned.
We are therefore on one hand developing/experimenting the now new residential/business bridge and the vitual gateway network functions and on the other hand we attempt to design some optimizations through network function mutualization and cloud elasticity. We are currently mostly focusing on the former whereas we are seeking some help for the latter under the form of a collaboration with a knowledgable team as e.g. hosted by the Myriads/university of Rennes 1.
In that context, for concentrating on this particular aspect of cloud elasticity, Technicolor has an opening for a post-doctoral researcher (18 months)
The candidate is expected to focus in providing a solution possibly relying on 3rd party’s cloud platform technology for having the virtual gateway network functions developed by Technicolor to be integrated in a virtualized infrastructure management platform operating inherent network, computing and storage elasticity.

Desired Skills and Experience

The candidate must hold a PhD in computer science. 
The candidate has a significant experience in cloud computing.
Software development skills in one or more of the following
-        Java, JS,  PHP, C++
-        Linux
-        Networking
Proven track record in publications, technical innovation and problem solving
Fluent in English 

[1] SDN: the network function is split between a data forwarding plane hosted by a physical entity and a control plane centralized and hosted by a different entity

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Mercredi, Juillet 8, 2015 (Jour entier)
EMEA - France - Cesson-Sévigné
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3 years

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Mercredi, Juillet 8, 2015 (Jour entier)