Thomson launches highly featured service gateway for next generation fibre to the home networks

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First gigabit optical gateway in the market with advanced services and broadcast television capability

Paris (France) / CES, Booth #13219, Central Hall (Las Vegas), 7 January 2010 –Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS), a worldwide leader of services to content creators, has unveiled the TG1700 super-fast gateway to take advantage of the latest developments in fibre to the home. With the TG1700, operators will be able to provide a seamless experience of broadcast television, interactive video and very high speed data and telephony services.

“Network operators installing fibre to the home and their subscribers do not want to be limited in their applications: they want to take full advantage of the incredible data speed and capacity available to them,” said Georges Laplanche, Senior Vice President, Connect Division, Thomson. “The TG1700 is the first triple-play GPON gateway to market which offers advanced functionality. In particular, the downstream RF overlay which guarantees a consistent and very high quality television experience – the equal if not better than any other delivery platform – is a vital element in creating true digital home.”

The TG1700 gateway adds an integrated GPON interface, reaching up to 2.5Gbps in downstream and 1.25 Gbps in upstream bandwidth. To benefit from the speed on the LAN side the gateway supports integral gigabit ethernet router, providing very high speed connectivity between devices and the network. It also includes a Wifi base station with 802.11n capabilities to stream data, including rich media content, anywhere in the home. The integration of the GPON ONT in a service gateway guarantees a lower installation and operation cost. Thanks to its innovative mechanical solution, the installation becomes as easy as any other fixed line service gateway.

Besides a pure high speed fibre down and upload, the TG1700 adds a unique feature called downstream RF overlay. This will allow network operators to dedicate a channel to broadcast television carried as a radio frequency signal (just as in digital cable). This ensures a guaranteed quality of service for linear television channels to the home, without impacting on video on demand and other interactive services carried on other fiber channels.

The advanced software in the TG1700 gateway supports multiple home network services, including media and content sharing, home surveillance and control, multi-line advanced voice over IP telephony and more. Through the consistent application of open standards and the OSGi framework, it is simple to add functionality to the gateway and the device can be maintained and upgraded online using the TF-069 standard protocol.

The Thomson TG1700 gateway will be available in production quantities from 3Q 2010.


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