Abdallah Dib


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Abdallah Dib is a computer vision and mixed reality researcher in the Home Experience Lab at Technicolor since September 2017.

He is working on automatic multi depth sensor calibration and data fusion for real-time scene reconstruction. His main research interests are computer vision, 3D reconstruction, AR, VR, machine learning and motion capture.

He started his career as a R&D engineer at Inria research center in 2008, where he participated in the development of a physics simulation Engine with advanced rendering techniques used by researchers for autonomous vehicle navigation. During his stay at Inria, he also participated in the development of a semi-automatic multi camera calibration system for motion capture.
In 2012, he Joined Boursorama, an online bank, where he contributed in the development of their iOS applications.

In 2013, he started his PhD thesis at Inria, where he worked jointly with industrial partners to design an autonomous assistant robot for elderly people at home. During his PhD, he worked on the development of a SLAM solution for robot navigation in crowded environment, and on a maker less motion capture system from depth camera in unconstrained environment.

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