Technicolor Academy is a learning and development program supporting VFX talent ready to step into a career at one of the world’s leading VFX Studios for feature and episodic content.

Alumni Filmography

Movies and shows featuring the work of Technicolor Academy alumni within one of our VFX brands - MPC Film, Mill Film, Mr. X and Mikros.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Technicolor Academy is committed to addressing diversity, equality, and inclusion within its studios and the wider VFX industry.


Technicolor Academy ensures equality of opportunity for all artists by eliminating discrimination, bias and prejudice in everything we do.


We recognize and value our people's differences. From geographic location to personal traits, from languages to communication styles, from education to ancestry, the team at Technicolor Academy will support you in developing what makes you unique.


At Technicolor Academy, we create an environment where the individual’s differences and values are celebrated to help you grow and achieve your dreams.

Read a Q&A with Jonathan Fletcher talking about the state of diversity within the VFX Industry
and how Technicolor Academy addresses it.

Read the Q&A

Education Partnerships

We partner with universities, schools, and institutions throughout the world to support them in providing the best VFX learning experiences for students from all walks of life.

We support our education providers with a wide range of services and solutions, from reviewing course structures and offering professional advice from industry experts, to studio tours and more, including:

  • Yearly course reviews by Technicolor’s senior teams to align with industry trends
  • Student mentoring
  • Quarterly onsite workshops with our mentors
  • ‘Life after University’ workshops for final year students
  • Showreel reviews for final year students
  • Webinar sessions focusing on specific skills
  • Annual visits to our regional studios

  • Annual learning sessions for university staff with our teams
  • Ability to obtain ‘Technicolor Academy Approved’ course status
  • Technicolor Academy Partnership dual branding
  • Technicolor Academy Website dual branding
  • Alumni support from existing members who work within our studios
  • Support university career days by talking about VFX as a career.