Akshay Pushparaja

Research Engineer

Artificial Intelligence Lab Researchers

What’s New:

Akshay Pushparaja is currently working with the MPC team to build their analytics and prediction pipeline. He is also actively researching applications of Reinforcement Learning in the media domain.

Short Bio:

Akshay received his Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh in 2015. Before moving to United States, he worked in the Investment Banking domain and also co-founded a startup while in India. He actively participates in hackathons in Silicon Valley. He has won hackathons organized by Twitter and AT&T and have also presented at the Techcrunch Disrupt hackathon. Akshay's current area of interest is application of machine learning in real world applications.

Research Interests:

  • Deep Learning


  • MPC Machine Learning Pipeline
  • MPC Analytics Pipeline
  • Robotic gateway

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