By working on Android TV with Technicolor to bring together the programming consumers already enjoy with the Over-The-Top (OTT) content they are looking for, service providers can deliver seamless and increasingly personalized experiences – building deeper relationships with customers and further establishing themselves as essential to the home content experience.




Android TV offers a new platform to deliver content and services.

Open Innovation

Broad capability across different platform options.

Time to Market

Faster deployment and scale to consumers.

User Experience



Platform flexibility to create individualized experiences.

User Interface

Consumer-centric design and flow of UX to easily discover content.

Product Design

Device that is “more than a box” and built to optimize video streaming capability.



Content Strategy

Technicolor enables the future of immersive and content is at our core.

Delivery of new entertainment

Android TV is a potential platform for future content formats (AR, VR, etc.).


Potential to aggregate and offer new forms of content for consumers.


November 01, 2017

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Thank you for your interest in receiving the Executive Summary of our OTT Survey results.
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Flavors of OTT

Be Essential. Be OTT.
August 25, 2017

Why OTT is Essential to the Home Content Experience

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August 24, 2017

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