Anna Behlmer

Sound Re-recording Mixer

Technicolor Los Angeles Sound Re-recording Mixers

Anna’s story

In 1995, Anna was the first woman ever nominated in the best sound mixing category of the Academy Awards™.

Anna draws inspiration from the work of other mixers she admires, and she shares in the love for the reverb and boom. Outside of work, and beyond her excitement over the compatibility of Protools and the Euphonix mixing console, Anna appreciates the wonders of her Macbook Air. She also enjoys working out, golfing, skiing and travel.

Some of the best advice Anna ever got was from her mother, who told her “always work hard and from hard work good things come.”

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  • 10 Oscar™ nominations
  • 6 BAFTA nominations (3 wins)
  • 12 CAS nominations

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