Antoine Robert


Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Antoine Robertreceived his PhD from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications Paris in 2008. During his thesis, he worked on improving the newly standardized video compression norm aka H.264 MPEG-4/AVC at Orange Labs in Rennes by taking advantage of the residual orientations still present in images even after prediction. Before joining Technicolor at the end of 2009, he was an engineer at Thomson Software & Technology Solutions (STS) as a contractor. He participated at the development of a video watermarking system operating in H.264 compressed bitstreams. At Technicolor, his first main research interests were video watermarking in the compressed domain (H.264, HEVC) for traitor tracing and broadcast monitoring. Since 2016, he joins the Technicolor video compression team that actively contributes to new video compression standards like H.266. His current research topics are focused on Inter prediction and coding around new tools as Affine, FRUC, OBMC...

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