Arno Schubert


Immersive Lab Researchers

Arno Schubert started his career as a professional photographer before graduating as an optical engineer at the Cologne University of Applied Science in 1990. He joined Thomson/Technicolor in 1991 and was involved in different research programs covering projection technologies, flat displays, HDR, Color Management and 3D.

He is based in Rennes, France where he was managing the European funded research project OSIRIS integrating the study of single lens multi-view acquisition.

Currently Arno is leading a group of researches working on advanced acquisition technologies including depth capture which is part of the project called "Studio as a Service".

What's new:

We are currently working on the realization of a real-time, high quality depth sensing algorithm by fusion of disparity estimated values and captured depth.

Research interests:

2D and 3D display & acquisition technologies including HDR, wide color gamut, high frequency and 3D. Projection systems, micro displays and optical components. Color and human vision.

Main technical achievements:

  • Coordination of OSIRIS - European funded project. Demonstration of glassless 3D cinema and development of a single lens multi view Plenoptic camera demonstrator.
  • Product development of a color measurement and processing tool to compute color transforms.
  • Initiation, coordination and equipping of Digital Experimental Cinema in Cesson-Sévigné town theatre.
  • Contribution to the development of several projection system prototypes
  • First LED illuminated micro display rear projector, private show at IFA Berlin 2005
  • Slim light engines “FAST”, “TURBO” and “SPEED” in 2004 and 2005
  • XGA and SXGA front projectors in 1999
  • First mono LCD rear projection system in 1997.
  • First HD projector later shown as advanced product “Babel” at IFA Berlin in 1995

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