Bryan Celano

Supervising Sound Designer

Technicolor Los Angeles Sound Lab

Bryan Celano is Supervising Sound Designer for The Sound Lab at Technicolor. 

For the last 30+ years, Bryan has been working in the audio industry.  As a sound designer, Bryan joined the team at Soundelux Design Music Group in 1996 where he honed his skills and moved over to Formosa Group in 2013 and is now part of the Sound Lab at Technicolor team.  He has had the privilege to work with many high profile clients including Electronic Arts, Activision, SONY, Microsoft, Ubisoft, CAPCOM, POPCAP, Square Enix, Disney, TENCENT, NC SOFT, NIKE.

He was one of those kids who made sounds with his mouth –guns, rockets, explosions, whiz, bang, zips, zaps, and cartoon voices- which has come in handy when initially sculpting the sounds that the clients' envision for their projects.

Bryan has had a passion for music and sound design for as long as he can remember. As a drummer/musician, he taps into his sense of timing, rhythm and pitch to sculpt the soundtrack audio story of the moving pictures.  He is honored to be on The Sound Lab at Technicolor team.

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