Christel Chamaret

Principal Scientist

Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Christel Chamaret is a Principal Scientist at Technicolor. Her expertise is in the field of image processing, human perception and more precisely in the design of computational models related to visual attention, emotion, color harmony. She has extensive experience with protocols for measuring user behavior (eye-tracking, pairwise protocol, dataset annotations). Previously, she has worked at INRIA Rennes (France) and Philips Research (The Netherlands) where she was involved in compression algorithms.

Research interests:

My main interest deals with image processing and computational modeling. More recently, I focused to the context of VFX and to the challenges of designing and delivering algorithms integrated into professional tools. In such context, it is mandatory to leave and define a suitable level of control to the artists. Technology serves the artist purpose.

More specifically, I am leading a project about rotoscoping and the Content Processing team.


  • Human Perception: visual attention model, emotional model (Dataset), color harmony.
  • FastRoto: a project to speed up the task of rotoscoping by providing efficient algorithms of matting and tracking integrated into Nuke.


Supervision of technology transfer to Business Units.

(see complete list on GoogleScholar)

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