5G Fixed Wireless Access Consumer Premises Equipment for outdoor or indoor installation

Technicolor 5G Fixed Wireless Access home gateways offer innovative solutions for fixed and mobile operators who want to upstep the home broadband experience for populated urban and suburban people who are covered with 5G networks. Two alternatives are offered outdoor (Cobra 5G OMNI outdoor) and indoor (Cobra 5G Indoor). By leveraging technicolor expertise in 4G/5G, Wi-Fi and ultrabroadband, these 5G FWA solutions provide high downlink and uplink speeds. Cobra 5G improves 5G signal reception indoor and brings Wi-Fi availability in every corner of the house, allowing consumers to enjoy first-class connectivity and entertainment experiences.


Cobra 5G FWA Omni Outdoor CPE product range

Technicolor’s Cobra 5G OMNI OUTDOOR CPE terminates the 5G connection and delivers broadband service into the home through any indoor residential router. By design, the Cobra 5G OMNI outdoor doesn’t need to be installed on the roof. The installation is greatly simplified as it can be wall-mounted close to the window, or simply attached to the balcony railing to deliver superior 5G speeds from these locations. The device is designed for self-installation by the subscriber and professional installation becomes an option. With Technicolor’s Cobra 5G OMNI OUTDOOR, operators can offer new broadband services to their customers or replace existing DSL installations in places where fiber may not be planned soon.

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Cobra 5G FWA Indoor CPE product range

The Cobra 5G INDOOR CPE gateway provides an ultimate fixed wireless access modem and first-class Wi-Fi router functionality in a single enclosure. Thanks to its breakthrough Indoor5G™ technology, Technicolor Cobra 5G Indoor manages traffic in a dynamic and intelligent manner. It allows the antennas in the gateway to self-optimize by automatically tuning their direction and configuration to ensure the best 3.5Ghz reception from operators’ towers. By improving 3.5GHz downlink and uplink throughput performance, NSPs avoid loading lower frequencies with heavy home broadband FWA traffic.

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