DSL or HYBRID DSL/4G home gateways for whole home Wi-Fi coverage

Technicolor COBRA DSL or HYBRID DSL/4G home gateways provide powerful home network controls, advanced Wi-Fi technologies and multiple apps through our HERO partner program, enabling seamless access and interactions that lead to premium content experiences anywhere and anytime.


High speed broadband over existing copper infrastructure

Technicolor produces and supplies DSL gateways to millions of households across the globe. With more than 20 years of innovations – being the first to bring VDSL, VDSL 35b and G.Fast to the market – our xDSL technology always pushes the boundaries of broadband speed and connectivity over twisted pair copper networks.


VDSL 35b

Technicolor’s VDSL 35b (evolution of ADSL and VDSL technology) is embedded in our full product range – and with it the following benefits:

  • Noise-cancelling techniques used to reach higher speeds
  • Deployed from the street cabinet – used as last mile technology
  • The delivery of high-speed internet and multi-channel HD-video to homes
  • Mature, standardized technology; backward compatible.



Technicolor’s G.fast solution uses wider frequency spectrum (up to 106 MHz or 212 MHz). Even if similar techniques are used as for ADSL / VDSL, the modulation scheme and multiplexing are different. That’s how G.Fast 106 can deliver Gigabit speed – and G.Fast 212 can deliver up to 2Gbps. This can easily complement FTTH deployments, allowing “fiberspeeds” without the need to bring fiber into customer premises. High speeds are reached on short loops, with deployment typically done using distribution points close to the customer or in Fiber-to-the-basement deployment to larger buildings.


Hybrid gateways – combining strengths of the fixed and mobile world

Technicolor’s Hybrid solutions advance by adding LTE or 5G technology to the DSL gateway. This allows us to offer unique customer experiences:

  • Mobile as back-up in case of network failure
  • Instant onboarding of new customers (use of mobile until DSL installation is done)
  • Bundling of fixed and mobile to reach higher combined speeds.



Technicolor offers LTE or 4G solutions. LTE technology is best known for its use in mobile phones but can also be used as connectivity technology in a home gateway. Peak speeds of 100 Mbps or more are realistic on LTE. LTE or 4G is widely deployed, with coverage often above 80%.



5G is the most recently commercialized mobile technology, with deployments starting in 2019. With Hybrid 5G, all benefits of 5G are integrated into our home gateways. The combination of more spectrum and improved coding and modulation techniques allows very high speeds to be reached, eventually up to 10Gbps.

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