Technicolor RDK-V Lab Accelerator

Technicolor is a founding contributor to RDK

Technicolor has been providing solutions across QAM, IP and Hybrid devices since 2012. As an independent, no license solution, RDK has its complete source code available and contributions are welcomed and maintained. With tens of million devices in the world, Technicolor leads the market in North America and Europe. And with the Technicolor RDK Lab Accelerator, RDK-V is reaching a new level of momentum.

Technicolor offers a high level of integration of RDK-V in its different hardware platforms. Our RDK set-top-boxes are deployed with Comcast and their syndication partners, now crossing the ocean to reach European operators.

Dedicated RDK-V teams based in Lawrenceville, GA, Sunnyvale, CA, and Philadelphia, PA, support our US customers, while our R&C center in Rennes, France – which works on the hardware/software architecture and product/program management – supports our EMEA customers. Supporting teams in Chennai, India, and Beijing, China, work on the different building blocks, such as the loader, validation, and drivers.

All our RDK-V set-top-boxes are validated with TDK and we also run our own additional end-to-end tests with operators’ infrastructures and streams.


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