Fiber home gateways for whole home Wi-Fi coverage

Technicolor Gazelle home gateways provide powerful home network controls, advanced Wi-Fi technologies and multiple apps through our HERO partner program, enabling seamless access and interactions that lead to premium content experiences anywhere and anytime.


High speed broadband over fiber infrastructure

Technicolor has been shipping GPON gateways across the globe for over 10 years. With the experience accumulated in GPON technology, Technicolor is able to provide high-speed GPON gateways with the best performance and highest quality.


World-class interoperability

GPON interoperability is a well-known deployment issue. Thanks to the Technicolor Fiber Interoperability Lab, we ensure our home gateways are fully compatible with all types of OLTs. Technicolor has built a full testing process based on an extensive list of OLT models, firmware and patch versions. A dedicated team of Technicolor experts also performs tests at the customer Lab to make sure the gateways integrate perfectly in the service network.


10G capable

WiFi6 provides higher data rates along with lower latency compared to WiFi5, especially in dense environments where multiple clients exist. Technicolor is one of the first vendors to embrace this latest technology in numbers of fiber gateways WiFi6 certified.



Protection against piracy and network attacks is at the core of Technicolor fiber gateways, which bring an end-to-end security mechanism by design – from bootup, firmware upgrades and extender configurations to the installation of applications via lifecycle management and containers technology. In addition, Technicolor has received ISO 27001 certification, a strong sign of its commitment to security and privacy over the long term.


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