Technicolor HOMEWARE operating system for home gateways


HOMEWARE is Technicolor’s own OpenWRT-based software solution for home gateways. Like RDK-B, it provides a standard platform to build, deploy, and support new services more efficiently and faster. We have extended OpenWRT to make it carrier-grade, while maintaining the overall architecture. Technicolor also contributes back to the OpenWRT community to improve the open source community’s projects. Technicolor HOMEWARE is open, apps-ready, secure and interoperable.


Technicolor HOMEWARE is Open

Using open-source software leads to faster time-to-market and improved software quality. Technicolor HOMEWARE benefits from a large community of developers, continuously testing and contributing to improve quality.


Technicolor HOMEWARE is apps-ready

Technicolor provides a full SDK for service providers to develop unique and fully customized applications on their gateways to generate new services and improve ARPU or to optimize existing services and reduce TCO.

We have kept it simple for 3rd party developers to code with a very short learning curve – or choose from a catalog of pre-integrated innovative apps from Technicolor’s HERO Partner Program. Also, Technicolor HOMEWARE comes with Life Cycle Management, improving broadband service availability by decoupling application upgrades and maintenance from the gateway core software.


Technicolor HOMEWARE is secure

Technicolor HOMEWARE is based on an overall software architecture with end-to-end security by design: from bootup to the installation of applications via lifecycle management. Three rigorous security check steps reduce the risk of vulnerabilities:

  • During development, every code contribution is verified overnight for security breaches; developers are automatically notified.
  • During validation before customer acceptance, the complete code is validated by a dedicated security team and validated in both open box via code review and closed box with penetration testing.
  • Even after products are delivered, a dedicated team tracks software components and technologies used in the products and continuously checks for security vulnerabilities.


Technicolor HOMEWARE is interoperable

Technicolor HOMEWARE interoperability with different network components is already proven in more than 50 countries in different configurations. This greatly reduces time to market; it also gives service providers a greater freedom to choose network components or to deploy in an environment with multiple vendors in the network. Technicolor HOMEWARE reduces complexity for service providers, as a single software stack can deal with a vast variety of environments.


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