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Solving the complexity of IoT hardware and software services integration

With the IoT technological environment in constant and rapid evolution, IoT system integrators and solution providers expect robust, secure, interoperable, and futureproof hardware that allows applications and connected devices, data flows, and networks to interact in perfect harmony.

With decades of leading experience in the connectivity space, Technicolor offers a complete IoT edge solution that brings ease access to services in order to support complex IoT use cases in a cohesive manner, allowing for fast go-to-market strategies and cost-effective installations.


A unique edge solution to simplify system integrators’ developments

With scale, security expertise, and wide-ranging industry partnerships with cloud computing and value-add applications providers, Technicolor is a partner of choice for system integrators, ensuring highly reliable solutions with fast and cost-effective development and deployments in a variety of ecosystems.

Technicolor’s unique expertise in wireless standards integration, developed to meet the demanding requirements of our Network Service Provider (NSP) customers, combined with first-class antenna design, allows multiple wireless technologies to coexist in the same hardware without interference, with best-in-class performance while supporting mesh deployments. This allows system integrators to reuse the same edge device and software development with multiple customers regardless of the wireless standard they have selected (Zigbee, Zwave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth...). The result is a futureproof solution from a leader in wireless technologies.

Based on an open and managed hardware and software platform, our gateways simplify the lifecycle management of applications working securely from one another and from the rest of the firmware to guarantee reliable service continuity.


A robust and proven edge device service for IoT solution providers

Leveraging Technicolor’s expertise in product design and development for more than 300 NSPs worldwide to date, our IoT edge solution comes with all the same service, support, and logistics we provide to our customers today.

Finally, Technicolor’s IoT edge gateways handle hardware and software life cycle management to make sure the solution is robust, continuously updated, and optimized.


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