Open Software to accelerate the innovation cycle

Facilitating IoT and new operator services

Technicolor is reimagining the role of CPE devices in the connected home environment for network service providers interested in extending and expanding their relationships with consumers through their next-generation services, such as Internet of Things, Wi-Fi services and more personalized content experiences.


Open Platforms and open innovation for CPE devices

A growing array of Wi-Fi and IoT offerings are now on the market from many different vendors. Consequently, we are seeing a heterogeneous mix of extenders, smart locks, health monitoring systems, intelligent appliances – and much more – that involve different in-home network and infrastructure resources. Bringing all these moving parts together is challenging, but our strategy is to enable their convergence.

Indeed, Technicolor’s CPE devices based on open platforms allow NSPs to produce offerings that help consumers easily manage multiple IoT services, whole home coverage solutions, and more personalized content with a minimal need for user intervention.

Our approach is based on solutions that are apps-ready and leverage an ecosystem of partners to accelerate the pace of innovation and time-to-market of new services, while also handling lifecycle management on both the software and the hardware side.


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