The future of home control

The traditional UI will be around for many years to come, with touch screens and remote controls to navigate and browse, to trigger an action, or to find a program. However, Technicolor’s skills in voice assistant hardware and software integration offer a whole new way of interacting with the user’s home environment. Technicolor has implemented voice assistants to a high standard, both in broadband and video ranges, so that operators can generate value, consumer loyalty, innovation roadmaps, and long-term competitive advantage.


Voice controlled Assistant is a challenging technical implementation process

A key component of voice assistant success is the implementation of the right voice control technology. Technicolor has demonstrated high skills in the implementation of Far Field voice technology into different devices. Our JADE set-top-box, for example, and our EAGLE Wi-Fi Extenders use several efficient techniques to overcome multiple challenges, such as separating the speaker voice from ambient sound, optimizing the design of microphone-friendly cabinets, and incorporating additional audio processing to optimize the user’s voice legibility.


On the software side, most of the processing, and at least the higher-level protocols and processing (the “intelligence”), is done in the device itself. Since this process is implemented as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa application, it can be easily renewed through application upgrade. But on the hardware side, audio interfaces open the door to a new range of sensors and actuators, and to new processing requirements that are constantly evolving, being understood and mastered.


Technicolor is a trusted partner in Voice controlled Assistant

Technicolor has been working since 2015 in the voice assistant area and has developed a strong and trusted test protocol to ensure the efficiency of voice technology in its devices. It takes many different skills and a global approach for our dedicated R&D teams to design the right product with the associated test and industrialization methods.


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