Wi-Fi extenders for whole home coverage to solve all dead spots

Technicolor EAGLE Wi-Fi 6 extenders deploy a premium wireless network in every corner of the home, using the latest Wi-Fi 6, EasyMesh or Plume solutions and OpenSync TM technologies in multiple configurations – together with several apps from our Hero Partner Program to ensure the optimal roaming and signal strength in every corner of the home.


Wi-Fi excellence

Technicolor has a historically winning expertise in Wi-Fi antenna design and antenna location, radio selection, noise reduction, and signal path optimization that ensures all these parameters – unique to every design – are optimized. Technicolor Wi-Fi extenders in our Wi-Fi XL solution are the key to delivering multi-user gigabit service throughout the home.


Wi-Fi 6 technology with Easy Mesh solutions

Our latest Wi-Fi 6 technology increases your home Wi-Fi throughput and reduces the latency for gaming and IoT applications. Wi-Fi 6 technology is particularly useful for multiple video streaming at the same time, for example when a child is watching their favorite cartoon while their parents are watching a movie. EasyMesh adds another layer to the simplicity, as it makes these extenders plug-and-play with any EasyMesh home gateway from any vendor. A selection of pre-integrated partners’ Wi-Fi management apps that enable both optimization and diagnostics is also provided.


Wi-Fi 6E technology

Wi-Fi 6E technology covers the same needs as described above but uses the 6Ghz spectrum dedicated to Wi-Fi 6 devices/clients only. This new standard can fully deliver the performance it was designed for, without competing with other devices using previous versions of Wi-Fi on the two other bands. In addition to multiple 4K video streaming, it is particularly useful for online gaming that requires maximum bandwidth for a latency-free experience.



Protection against piracy and network attacks is at the core of Technicolor extenders, which bring an end-to-end security mechanism by design – from bootup, firmware upgrades, and extender configurations to the installation of applications via lifecycle management and containers technology. In addition, Technicolor has received ISO 27001 certification, a strong sign of its commitment to security and privacy over the long term.


Voice assistant

Our Wi-Fi extenders have embedded voice assistant functionality which enables users to play music, diagnose and manage Wi-Fi connectivity, and perform other commands to control their TVs or smart devices. Our state-of-the-art design ensures dedicated buttons for Volume, WPS, Mute (privacy), and high performing speakers to play music at high quality.


Open software platforms

Built on the open software Technicolor HOMEWARE, our Wi-Fi extenders allow access to the thriving ecosystem of Technicolor HERO partners for designing the most appealing service offering for subscribers.


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