Technicolor’s long-term efforts to be a responsible citizen company have been recognized by external and independent agencies, including a GOLD Medal CSR Rating by EcoVadis, a #1 Ranking by Ethifinance, Prime Status by ISS ESG, Best-in-Class Status by ISS, and Top Performer ranking by Vigeo-Eiris.

CSR Assessment & Ratings

Our long-term efforts to be a responsible citizen company have been recognized by external and independent agencies, including assessments by EcoVadis, Gaïa-Ethifinance, ISS and ISS ESG, and Vigeo Eiris. Technicolor is also a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), which performs audits on portions of Technicolor’s Supply Chain.

Rating or assessment body

Rating in 2018/19

Rating in 2020/21



68/100 – GOLD
(December 2018)

70/100 – GOLD
(February 2020)

Rated GOLD
for the third year in a row

Gaïa – Ethifinance

82/100 – NUMBER 3
(October 2019)

91/100 – NUMBER 1
(December 2020)

Ranked NUMBER 1
out of 390 companies


(May 2018)

(June 2021)

Achieved PRIME status,
for its second assessment in a row



(June 2021)

Reached “BEST-in-CLASS” status, and received the ISS QualityScore for both its Environmental & Social Performance

Vigeo Eiris (Moody’s)

(September 2018)

(Not assessed in 2020)


(Responsible Business Alliance)

Member in full compliance

Member in full compliance

Member in full compliance
since 2017


In 2020, for the third year in a row, Technicolor reached the Advanced level for its CSR engagement and received the GOLD Medal based on its CSR Rating assessed by EcoVadis, a leading global collaborative platform enabling companies to monitor the sustainability performance of their supply chain. The Group ranks among the TOP 3 % of companies rated by EcoVadis in the category “Manufacture of Communication Equipment” worldwide.

Gaïa Rating - Ethifinance
Technicolor’s ranking assessed by Ethifinance, a European non-financial research and consulting firm, has steadily improved over the years, reaching NUMBER 1 out of 390 companies in the overall ranking in 2020. With an overall ESG score of 91/100, the Group outperforms the benchmark average (51/100).

In 2021, Technicolor achieved ISS ESG “PRIME” status for the second time. The Company reached also the ISS “BEST-in-CLASS” status and received the ISS QualityScore - the highest rating awarded by ISS - for both its Environmental and its Social Performance.

ISS ESG (formerly Oekom Research) is the non-financial rating agency of ISS (Institutional Shareholder Service), a leading proxy advisor company. According to ISS ESG, companies are categorized as “PRIME” if they achieve/exceed the minimum sustainability performance requirements defined for a specific industry (absolute best-in-class approach) in the ISS ESG Corporate Rating, and “PRIME” companies are those that rank among the global sustainability leaders in their industry.

Vigeo Eiris
Vigeo Eiris, a CSR rating and research agency acquired by Moody’s, evaluates companies’ integration of social, environmental and governance factors into their strategies, operations and management. In 2018, Technicolor was ranked “TOP PERFORMER” in the software-IT services industry worldwide.

GRI Standards: Comprehensive option

Since 2014, Technicolor has structured its economic, environmental and social reporting according to the GRI Standards, a worldwide reporting framework on sustainability.

Technicolor provides exhaustive non-financial information and disclosures to stakeholders in its Sustainability report. This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Comprehensive option, including a GRI Content Index that lists all reported GRI Standards and Disclosures.

GRI Disclosure labels are included in both our Universal Registration Document and in our Sustainability report, to help readers locate information and for more control over the transparency, comparability, quality and accountability of the Group’s sustainability data.

Technicolor Sustainability reports are available in the CSR Documentation section of this website.

Fairness and Transparency of CSR Information

Technicolor’s Board of Directors is responsible for preparing a Statement pursuant to legal and regulatory provisions. The Statement, prepared by applying the Company’s procedures (the “Guidelines”), includes:

  • a presentation of the business model,
  • a description of the main extra-financial risks,
  • a presentation of the CSR policies implemented with respect to these risks,
  • the results of these policies, including key performance indicators.

Technicolor has appointed one of the Statutory Auditors of the Company, as independent third party, to report on the consolidated non-financial statement presented in the Group management report pursuant to the legal and regulatory provisions of Articles L. 225-102-1, R. 225-105 and R. 225-105-1 of the French Commercial Code (Code de commerce).

Based on the work performed by the Statutory Auditor, the non-financial statement complies with applicable regulatory provisions and the Information, taken as a whole, is fairly presented in accordance with the Guidelines and Company’s procedures.

For more information on our CSR Performance Assessment and Principles of Disclosure, please refer to our CSR Documentation section.

CSR Documentation

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