Technicolor's Most Important Asset: Our People

Technicolor’s success depends on the energy, motivation, and talent of our people and the knowledge that every Technicolor employee is critical in fulfilling the company’s overall vision and strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. By striving to invest in the compensation, diversity and inclusion, development, environmental awareness, and community involvement of our own employees, we ensure that sustainable business practices are embedded in our organizational culture and included in decision-making concerning all our activities.

Comprised of a broad set of skilled individuals and teams from the communication, media, and entertainment industries, Technicolor’s worldwide workforce totaled about 17,000 people as of December 31, 2016.

Development and Training

As we strongly believe that our talents constitute the backbone of Technicolor, we endeavor to provide training and development opportunities to Technicolor employees across the globe and, simultaneously, ensure that the development of competencies and capabilities are aligned with the Group’s strategy.

ITechnicolor’s priorities in talent and development focus on leadership development, innovation and excellence in execution to support the growth of our divisions and the implementation of our strategic plan.

Training priorities are set based on the evolution of existing jobs and technologies, on the identification of new capabilities to develop and on the individual needs of employees in terms of job performance and/or of professional evolution. In order to ensure the same quality level as well as alignment and consistency, development programs regarding Leadership, Management and Technical or Functional skills are coordinated at corporate level.

To do so, the Talent & Development Center of Expertise supports business heads and HR Business Partners in all aspects regarding Learning and Development. HR Business Partners coordinate the building and monitoring of the Development Plans at division or function level.

Training is implemented locally by the HR Competency Centers who are in charge of ensuring training actions are optimized between the divisions and that training complies with all local regulations.

Overall training initiatives offered in 2016 encompassed 302,683 hours of training.


Diversity at Technicolor

As the face of Technicolor has evolved, with an ever-expanding international profile, diversity has become one of its most valuable assets and a business imperative in its competitive environment.

With a workforce distributed across Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Americas, business activities in more than 30 countries, and acquisitions of companies with diverse business cultures, Technicolor must be able to recruit and retain the most talented candidates from a broad range of disciplines and experiences, while fully respecting all individuals.

Technicolor's policy is to provide equal employment opportunity, support and facilitation, without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

End of 2015, a global plan for Diversity and Inclusion was launched. The objective of this plan is to improve globally our processes to ensure that practices are not discriminatory at any stage in the Group, but also to promote a mindset of openness and inclusiveness globally and a willingness to bring support and assistance to persons or groups who may be under-represented compared to their regional demographics. The four key areas of the plan are gender, disability, aging, and ethnicity.

All Technicolor personnel, suppliers, and entities along the supply chain are expected to abide by the Technicolor Code of Ethics as well as all applicable laws. Technicolor facilitates workplaces where everyone can productively engage without fear of unacceptable workplace conduct.

Technicolor further seeks to respect, to support, and to facilitate all workers by promoting an atmosphere of inclusiveness, curiosity, and engagement with respect to commonly targeted areas of bias: gender, age, different-abilities, and ethnicity. The Group recognizes that its workforce needs to mirror its customers, stakeholders, and communities, and wherever a regional imbalance is identified, Technicolor will seek to make progress and improvement over time concerning any discovered imbalance by bringing support and visibility to under-represented target groups.


Inclusion in the Workplace

Beyond the legal requirements when they exist, Technicolor strives to adapt our working places, including factories, to provide equal employment opportunities with no discrimination against people who may have a disability with regard to hiring, training, allocation of work, promotion, or reward, and seeks to eliminate employment barriers and to accommodate employees who may have a disability. In that regard, employment of workers with a disability is part of our non-discrimination policy, and Technicolor has been and continues to be willing to integrate different needs including modified duties, adapted hours, and adapted workspaces.


For more information on Development and Diversity, please refer to our CSR documentation below.

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