Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines and Disclosures

Technicolor follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, a worldwide reporting framework on sustainability, to structure its economic, social and environmental reporting.

The Group reports on the GRI G4 general standard disclosures and specific standard disclosures, including disclosures on management approach (DMA) and indicators clustered into six categories (economic, environmental, labor practices and decent work, human rights, society and product responsibility). 

Technicolor has prepared its CSR reporting ‘In Accordance’ with the GRI G4 Guidelines – Comprehensive option. The Group submitted its Sustainability report for the GRI Content Index Service, and GRI confirmed the accuracy and completeness of the GRI G4 Content Index. The GRI G4 Content Index is published in our Sustainability Report and points to relevant information both in the Technicolor Registration Document, and in the Technicolor Sustainability Report.

Both documents include GRI Disclosure labels that help readers locate the information that they are looking for and contribute to give more control over the transparency and integrity of the Group’s sustainability data. 

Completeness and Fairness of CSR Information

Technicolor’s Board of Directors is responsible for preparing the company’s management report including the CSR information required by Article R. 225-105-1 of the French Commercial Code in accordance with the reporting protocols used by the Company and summarized in the management report of the Company. 

Technicolor has appointed one of the Statutory Auditors of the Company, as independent third party, to report on the consolidated Human Resources, Environmental and Social Information included in the management report, pursuant to Article L. 225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code. 

Based on the work performed by the Statutory Auditor, the required CSR information has been disclosed in the management report and no material misstatement has come to their attention that causes them to question on the fact that the CSR Information, taken as a whole, is presented fairly in accordance with the reporting protocols used by the Company. 

For more information, please refer to Chapter 6 of the Registration Document of the Company. 


For more information on Corporate Social Responsibility, please refer to our CSR documentation below.

CSR Documentation

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