We require our suppliers and sub-contractors to actively support our Social Responsibility Principles, and to comply with the legal requirements and standards of their service or industry as applicable under the national law of the countries in which they operate. Technicolor suppliers and sub-contractors also ensure the compliance of their materials, components, and products with specific legal requirements applicable in the countries where Technicolor products are being sold.

Compliance with UK Anti-Human Trafficking Laws | Compliance with California Anti-Human Trafficking Laws


Technicolor Supplier Ethics Program

Our Technicolor Supplier Ethics program, in place since 2003, aims at: 

  • ensuring that Technicolor suppliers respect our policies and program requirements, 
  • promoting economic and social welfare through the improvement of living standards and support for non-discriminatory employment practices. 

Technicolor actively seeks suppliers with similar interests and ethics commitments. Suppliers are expected to adhere to these basic principles: 

  • tolerate no discrimination and encourage diversity, 
  • promote best working conditions, 
  • use no child or forced labor, 
  • protect peoples’ health, safety and the environment, 
  • support employee development, 
  • respect fair market competition, 
  • strive to be a good corporate citizen, 
  • respect consumer and personal privacy, 
  • avoid potential conflicts of interests. 

To ensure that suppliers respect established principles, Technicolor sourcing management: 

  • defines a list of high risk commodities and countries, 
  • determines when ethics audits, always performed by Technicolor-selected auditors, are required, 
  • requires all suppliers must sign the General Rules of Conduct Compliance Certificate, 
  • periodically reviews all suppliers according to the Technicolor Suppliers Ethics Handbook/Checklist procedure. 


Supplier Audits

The Supplier Ethics program includes a specific audit scope and focus for suppliers categorized as “high risk,” defined as suppliers in countries with a relatively high potential for adverse human rights Issues. This key supplier audit tool, which includes a review of EH&S systems and performance, has been developed and implemented since 2003, with 20 audits performed in 2016. 

Through audits and other methods, Technicolor shares its expectations that suppliers and their subcontractors provide safe and healthy working conditions for their employees, abide by human rights laws and standards, and strive for continual improvement in their environmental management systems, processes and products. 
During the audit process, instances of child labor are classified as “critical,” resulting in an immediate stoppage of business. Audits revealing employee discrimination, forced labor, safety violations, permanent disabilities or fatal injuries are classified as “major,” and require immediate corrective action.


Responsible Business Alliance (Formerly EICC)

During 2016, Technicolor completed the implementation of the Code of Conduct for the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) under its Applicant Member status and reached the status of Member. 

EICC is a non-profit coalition of electronics companies committed to supporting the rights and wellbeing of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global electronics supply chain. EICC members commit and are held accountable for a common Code of Conduct and utilize a range of EICC training and assessment tools to support continuous improvement in the social, environmental and ethical responsibility of their supply chains. 

Our adoption of the EICC Code and its principles reflects Technicolor’s continuing commitment to recognize transparent and external codes of conduct as an element in Technicolor’s long-term plan to manage and improve its sustainability regarding operations, supply chain, and sub-contracting in the Electronics manufacturing and ICT sector.


For more information on Suppliers, Sub-Contractors, and Responsible Purchasing please refer to our CSR documentation below.

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