Cory Mandel

Supervisor - Sound Services

Technicolor Toronto Sound Mixers

An award-winning re-recording mixer and music-scoring mixer, Cory has played a key role in the evolution of IMAX Sound. He helped develop IMAX PSE for documentaries and IMAX DMR for Hollywood titles. As a testimony to his exceptional expertise, IMAX recently asked Cory to contribute to the design of the new IMAX Immersive 12.0 sound format.

Over a career spanning more than 25 years, Cory mixed the Oscar-nominated IMAX film Cosmic Voyage and has been nominated for 2 Emmy awards as well as numerous IMAX Film and MPSE Golden Reel Awards. He won both an IMAX Film Award and an MPSE Golden Reel Award for Nascar 3D and three MPSE Golden Reel Awards for the IMAX films: Rocky Mountain Express, Deep Sea 3D and Sea Monsters.

Cory’s resume also includes numerous TV series and feature films and the IMAX documentary features A Beautiful Planet, Space Station, Super Speedway and Across The Sea of Time, as well as IMAX DMR features such as Tomb Raider, The Greatest Showman, 12 Strong, Coco, The Commuter and Paddington-2 and Wonder Woman.

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