On-Set, On-Location Color Management

With the introduction of next generation cameras, digital workflows, emerging standards, and expanding requirements for project finishing, the landscape for on-set color management continues to change dramatically. Technicolor’s third-generation DP Lights system is the most robust, portable solution for on-set, on-location color management. Developed under the watchful eyes of industry-leading cinematographers, the new DP Lights is the ultimate on-set color management system, self-contained in a lightweight, completely portable, rack-mountable box. Featuring Technicolor’s industry-leading color-science, it has been redesigned to address ACES, CDLs, and the myriad of quickly emerging HDR requirements.


Daryn Okada, ASC

Credits: Scandal, Castle, Mean Girls

“The great thing about DP Lights is that it was designed from the ground up with our [the cinematographer’s] input. This is a process like the best film cameras were built. The best cameras were a combination of engineering and listening to artistic intent. DP Lights on-set just naturally feels like an extension of what a cinematographer needs to make the palette just right.”


Oliver Bokelberg, ASC

Credits: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, The Bounty Hunter

“We had one of the early iterations of [DP Lights] and it gave us so many more options, so many new possibilities to utilize. The beauty is I can become completely intuitive, completely visceral, and I can just dial. It’s a touchy-feely thing to get my colors and my contrasts right. I can really feel my way into the lighting, so it’s become a lighting tool for me, it’s part of my toolkit now.”

DP Lights has evolved into a mobile “production hub” for color management, with no computer required. It supports parallel work in real time, including monitoring of SDR and HDR; multiple cameras with dedicated hero monitor/display per camera and full tracking of metadata; web interface to troubleshoot and monitor remotely; and on-set creative decisions that flow easily into the color finishing process.

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