Bringing your story to life

At The Art Department, everything we do starts with understanding your story – who your characters and creatures are, what the environments, props and technologies they interact with are intended to do, and when or where they exist. We help you build the world behind everything you have dreamed to truly reflect your vision and set the tone for the rest of your project.



After our initial meeting, we quickly turn around 2D sketches, paintings and mood boards to home in on exactly the right visuals for your story. We have a strong focus on key frames, where we combine characters, environments and other design elements into pivotal story moments from your film.



We also have the ability to create 3D sculptures to tackle this concept from all angles and poses. This is then passed along in the pipeline for the design to be built practically or handed on to modeling for rigging and animation - all without losing any of the director’s original vision.


By staying involved with your project from inception to pre-production, production and into VFX and post, we are there to help you ensure the tone and look established at the start of the project is what’s reflected through to the finished movie.

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What we offer


  • Storyboards / Story Team
  • Concept Art
    • Characters
    • Creatures
    • Tech
    • Environment
    • Effects
  • Key Frames
  • Character & Creature Development
    • Orthographics
    • Expression Sheets
    • Textures
    • 3D Concept Sculpt


  • 3D Model Paint-Overs for Revised Design
  • Plate Concepts & Paint-Overs (Photoreal work on top of principle photography to refine mood, lighting scenario or enhance the design)
  • Set Extensions

Contact us

For more information on how The Art Department can help you tell your story please contact:

Maryanne Pittman, Art Department Producer
Phone: (31620) 52726-580500