Production and Post processes aren’t as linear as they used to be. Content is being shot in multiple locations, things are always changing, and you need access and the ability to distribute your content any time, from anywhere.



Do you need...

quick VFX pulls delivered anywhere, anytime?

to send marketing footage, JPG’s, PDF’s, audio files to your VFX vendors, marketing teams, or finishing house?

to have your VFX plates from multiple vendors delivered to your post house?

a searchable database with all production files?

We have a platform for that.

It’s not just a tool —
it’s a lifestyle.

Our web interface and automated processes free you up from having to make calls, send emails, check-in, manually wrangle your data, etc. so you can do more important things.

The heart of your production pipeline.


From set to post.
Manage all vendors with ease.

PULSE, a web-based asset management platform, streamlines and automates file management,
whether it’s getting files from set to your vendors or to your colleagues in other departments.

File Manager —

Provides secure and automated file ingest, storage, tracking and transfer of assets. A searchable database for all files (OCF, JPEGS, PDF’s, Audio Files, etc.) that can be transferred “as-is”.

Support File Deliveries —

You can now deliver shot specific support files such as multiple LUTs, CSV lens data, and witness cams, along with your image files. This allows for effective management of the color pipeline, so vendors can easily access the correct info for each shot they are working on.

Color Finishing —

All PULSE projects go through a color loop test during onboarding to validate image integrity, so that your vendors and finishing house can easily match back to dailies framing and color.

Automated VFX Pulls and Returns —

Transcode and distribute VFX plates between vendors and post houses, then deliver the finals back into PULSE to be distributed to other users (3D, Marketing, etc.) no matter where your project is being finished.

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