Debbie Gonzelez

Executive Producer

Technicolor Los Angeles Sound Lab

Debbie's story

Debbie Gonzalez is Executive Producer for The Sound Lab at Technicolor and is in charge of business development.

She has produced hundreds of projects with the top composers and sound designers since the late '80s, delivering the highest quality work for clients such as Honda, Lexus, Adidas, Intel, Nike, Target, Motorola, IBM, American Express, Kia, Coors and many more. Debbie has established clients across the game, location based entertainment and commercial industries, including NC Soft, Pop Cap, Arena Net, Kabam, Anki, Boss Key, merit/Andrew, NetEase, Tencent, Hero Ventures, among others.

Debbie leads with a positive attitude and an emphasis on effective communication while inspiring the team to deliver their best work.





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