Didier Doyen

Principal Scientist

Immersive Lab Researchers

In 1989, I received a degree of Electronic engineering from INSA of Rennes. In 1990, I joined Thomson where I first obtained experience in digital video product development for the broadcast market. Since 1996 I have been involved in research projects developing video processing algorithms to improve picture quality on different display technologies. I also have been involved in anti-piracy technologies.

In 2010, I have been appointed principal scientist in the Technicolor Research and Innovation organization. I have managed several research projects addressing 3D stereoscopic video technologies and I have been involved in different European collaborative projects (MUSCADE, ROMEO). I am now working on research activities related to emerging light-field technologies. I am currently participating to MPEG standardization efforts to facilitate the use of these new contents

Research interests:

-Image processing: depth estimation, view synthesis, video coding
-Display technologies: light-field display, plasma, LCD, DLP projection
-Acquisition systems: light-field cameras, photography.

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