Today, we live in a Wi-Fi enabled world. Billions of devices, from our phones to our refrigerators, are all trying to connect, all of the time. Wi-Fi networks are clogged. One solution is to simply push for more coverage, but coverage without connectivity is meaningless. It’s a Band-Aid, not the cure.

Optimized connectivity. Intelligent management. Flawless Wi-Fi

As the number and complexity of devices in the home have increased, the visibility of service providers into the needs of these devices has diminished.

Today’s NSPs are being asked to provide faster and evermore sophisticated networking solutions, without the ability to see and fully understand exactly what is connected to the network. In essence, they are being asked to fly blind.

Technicolor offers service providers and their customers a truly next-generation Wi-Fi experience. By assessing Wi-Fi demands in real-time and intelligently directing network access, Technicolor enables optimized connectivity and seamless interactions for every user, every time. And, by empowering service providers with real-time visibility into the exact devices connected, as well as detailed and customizable information on the health and performance of the subscriber’s network, Technicolor enables NSPs to anticipate and solve problems before they arise. This means flawless Wi-Fi, without exception – driving increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.

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