How Technicolor’s New HERO Partner Program Accelerates Flow of Innovation to Network Service Providers


The Technicolor HERO Program is a new strategic partnership initiative that accelerates the introduction of new innovative solutions and services to the NSP community, stimulates new revenue streams and lays the foundation for competitive differentiation. The program is designed to identify developers of innovations that can be leveraged by NSPs to offer new profitable services that generate top line growth, while creating opportunities to harness technologies that improve network performance and improve operating margins. With the integration of innovative technologies across Technicolor’s customer premises equipment (CPE) platforms, NSPs will be able to accelerate the introduction of new capabilities -- based on these innovative solutions -- to the market.

Several partners have joined the HERO Program include: 

  • AIRTIES -- a company that provides managed in-home Wi-Fi solutions to operators around the globe (
  • Broadpeak – a provider of video delivery components for NSPs. We have integrated their innovative multicast ABR solution that reduces IP latency and enhances the efficiency of network operations as NSPs include over-the-top (OTT) content into their offerings. (
  • CUJO AI -- a company that provides of a range of Artificial Intelligence-enabled applications -- including home-based network security services -- that will drive the creation of new NSP offerings. (
  • Hoppr – a company that provides an enterprise-grade solution to deliver targeted messages to the right person at the right time together with detailed analytics. (
  • Plume® – the creator of the world's first Consumer Experience Management (CEM) Platform powered by OpenSync™. (
  • RealVNC – a company that provides customer care solutions for NSP’s customer service representatives and installation engineers to remotely view and control customer premises equipment (CPE) at home or work, securely and in real-time. (


In addition, Technicolor is working on partnerships that will bring Internet of Things (IoT) technologies -- and other promising areas of interest to the NSP community -- into the HERO Program. While the HERO Program will provide NSPs with rapid access to the best innovations in critical areas of technology, partners who participate in the initiative also stand to gain significant benefits.

As a result of our relationships with NSP customers and position in the industry, Technicolor has the broadest portfolio and largest installed base of broadband gateways and related CPE in consumers’ homes around the world. This opens an immense opportunity for HERO Partners who are interested in introducing their innovations to the NSP market on a global scale. HERO Program partners, will additionally benefit from a diverse and geographically distributed sales team that is providing the next generation of solutions to cable, telco, mobile and satellite service providers.