What if consumers could enjoy everything they watch in stunning HDR wherever they want, all the time? At Technicolor, we make this possible. We stand for an open HDR future where all can participate, and where limitations do not apply.


HDR Experiences

When it comes to delivering exciting and compelling entertainment experiences, rich visual content is a critical success factor. However, consumers continue to view their favorite content on their home TVs and portable devices in an incredibly constrained visual spectrum defined by legacy technologies. They have been provided with a limited palette of colors, light, and shadows. This limited palette restricts the truest enjoyment possible. For an unimpeded overall viewing experience, HDR can change all of that. HDR video adds to the enjoyment of watching your favorite content – whether it is projecting more realistic images, or transporting viewers beyond reality into the storyteller's vision.  

Technicolor’s 100 years of technology leadership, with leading-edge research talent and color scientists, has led to a suite of end-to-end HDR solutions that solve real-world media industry challenges and deliver the full promise of HDR to consumers.

HDR Unleashed

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