From big box to boutique shop, Technicolor’s vast experience delivering product into the retail supply chain brings you a major competitive advantage. Our repeated success, particularly within the time-sensitive environment of major product launches, has earned us a best-in-class reputation with our clients.

Because Technicolor has been providing B2B retail distribution, fulfillment and logistics services for years, we can help you navigate through uncertain times, scale for seasonal demand or position your business for better days.

Technicolor’s B2B highlights include:

  • Daily delivery to 9500 big box retailers
  • Direct-to-Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Bulk / Distribution Center (DC) shipments
  • Retail compliance
  • Reverse logistics

Why Technicolor

Technicolor supports B2B retail fulfillment to all destination types – whether Direct-to-Stores or distribution centers; whether big box retailer or boutique shop.

Whatever the distribution channel, we have the experience to meet the most pressing delivery dates and deadlines – and the track record to back it up. Our experience has made us experts in complying with all necessary routing requirements and stringent rules of retail compliance, while being flexible enough to navigate unique vendor routing guides and highly specific delivery orders.

With full EDI and API capabilities, we can seamlessly integrate our system with yours. We leverage the latest technology – including digital brokerage capabilities and reporting dashboards with comprehensive metrics – to automatically track status and give you real-time visibility into your shipments and proof of deliveries.

With years of operational knowledge to offer, we enable you to navigate through retail fulfillment channels both in terms of scale and complexity – and can help you develop a long-term retail fulfillment strategy.