Dominique Thoreau

Senior Scientist

Imaging Science Lab Researchers

Short Bio:

Dominique THOREAU received his PhD degree in image processing and coding from the University of Marseille Saint-Jérôme in 1982. From 1982 to 1984 he worked for GERDSM Labs on underwater acoustic signal and image processing of passive sonar.

He joined in 1984 the Rennes Electronic Labs of Thomson CSF and worked successively on sonar image processing, detection/tracking on IR video, and on various projects of video coding H261, Mpeg2 and H264-avc coding for Mustang. He is currently involved in HEVC algorithmic exploration dedicated to the next generation video coding scheme, and now particularly on HDR images and videos Tone mapping. He is co-author of more 60 patents.

Research interests:

Video compression, spatial and temporal prediction, texture synthesis


  • HDR video Tone Mapping
  • Epitome based image compression
  • Embedding methods for image and video compression

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