We provide a set of synchronized Light-Field video sequences captured by a 4x4 camera rig at 30fps. Each camera has a resolution of 2048x1088 pixels and a 12mm. lens. The Field Of View (FOV) is 50˚ x 37˚.

For each Light-Field video sequence we provide the captured images after the color homogenization and the demosaicking as well as the pseudo-rectified images. Images are provided in PNG format.  Calibration parameters are also provided. Please see [1] for more details on how to use our dataset. 



[1] Dataset and Pipeline for Multi-View Light-Field Video. N. Sabater, G. Boisson, B. Vandame, P. Kerbiriou, F. Babon, M. Hog, T. Langlois, R. Gendrot, O. Bureller, A. Schubert, V. Allie. CVPR Workshops, 2017.


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