Ed Ham

Senior Editor

Technicolor Toronto Editors

With a track record of excellence for more than 30 years, Ed Ham has contributed his editing and VFX skills to dozens of world-renowned projects.

Since his debut as a tape operator/edit assistant at VTR Video in Toronto in 1982, Ed has honed his ability to connect with clients on both the creative and personal level. He was named Editor at VTR in 1987 and joined what became Technicolor in 1991.

In addition to his work on numerous award winning series such as NOVA, National Geographic and American Experience, he has brought his skills to such MOWs as First Do No Harm (Meryl Streep), All the Winters that Have Been (Karen Allen & Richard Chamberlain), Home for Christmas (Mickey Rooney) and Prayers for Bobby (Sigourney Weaver).

A professional musician since the age of 15 and an avid photographer, Ed has a deep understanding of how creativity, timing, rhythm and image treatment can interact and combine to help bring a client’s vision to life.

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