Eroc Moralls

Senior VFX Artist

Technicolor Los Angeles VFX Artists

20 years ago, Eroc began his career in visual effects in order to combine his two greatest passions: art and technology. Since, then he has lent his talents to a variety of notable projects such as Captain America: Winter SoldierThor: The Dark World, and Delivery Man. He studies fine art, oil painting, sculpture, and life drawing, all of which influence the superior work he executes today.

The two years Eroc has spent with Technicolor have been enjoyable because the experience allows him to work in the Feature, Broadcast and Marketing departments. The diversity of work keeps him engaged and ignites his creativity.

Eroc is constantly looking for ways to merge the digital world with fine art. He is excited to further develop the cross-platform integration between visual effects and digital intermediate color. The painting tools in Flame are Eroc’s favorite technique because they allow him to compose a photorealistic esthetic by creating an artistic balance between light and shadow.
As an artist, Eroc feels he is most inspired by the “light and technique of a Vermeer, the emotional depth of a Keinholz, the subtleties of a Renoir, and the visceral freedom of a Kandinsky.”

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