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Research interests:

I joined Technicolor in 2009, with a PhD on distributed systems (from University of Rennes 1), and a background on peer-to-peer systems, and graph mining/algorithms.

I am currently working on data-mining and big-data processing in distributed/cloud environments. I obtained my habilitation (HDR) on November 2016 from University of Rennes 1.

Most Recent Publications:

Adversarial Frontier Stitching for Remote Neural Network Watermarking [tech rep]
Erwan Le Merrer, Patrick Perez, Gilles Trédan.
ArXiv 2017.

Distributed deep learning on edge-devices: feasibility via adaptive compression [tech rep]
Corentin Harday, Erwan Le Merrer, Bruno Sericola.

Sequences, Items And Latent Links: Recommendation With Consumed Item Packs [tech rep]
Rachid Guerraoui, Erwan Le Merrer, Rhicheek Patra, Jean-Ronan Vigouroux.
ArXiv 2017.

The topological face of recommendation [full tech rep on arxiv]
Erwan Le Merrer, Gilles Trédan.
In Compex Networks 2017.

Uncovering Influence Cookbooks : Reverse Engineering the Topological Impact in Peer Ranking Services [paper]
Erwan Le Merrer, Gilles Trédan.
In ACM CSCW, 2017.

L'aspect topologique des recommendations [full tech rep on arxiv]
Erwan Le Merrer, Gilles Trédan.
In Algotel 2017.

Frugal Topology Construction for Stream Aggregation in the Cloud [paper]
Rachid Guerraoui, Erwan Le Merrer, Rhicheek Patra, Bao-Duy Tran.

Efficient User Opt-out from Block Stores [paper]
Erwan Le Merrer and Nicolas Le Scouarnec.
In IEEE IC2E, industry track, 2016.

Efficient and Transparent Wi-Fi Offloading for HTTP(S) POSTs [paper]
Kévin Huguenin, Erwan Le Merrer, Nicolas Le Scouarnec, Gilles Straub.
In IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2016.

Retro-ingénierer les métriques topologiques dans les algorithmes de peer-ranking
Erwan Le Merrer, Gilles Trédan.
In ALGOTEL, 2016.

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I was in the program committee of the following conferences: MMSYS 2017, HiPC 2016, SSS 2010,2016, PODC's DCC 2016, INFOCOM's DCC 2017, Middleware 2011, ICDCN 2012, INFOCOM's NOM 2014, 2016, 2017, ALGOTEL 2013,2014,2015.

Co-organizing WOS with INRIA, a workshop on storage and cloud processing, in Rennes.

I teach big-data storage and processing as a consultant in INSA (Rennes) and Telecom Bretagne (Brest).


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