Fortunato Frutassio

Head of North America Education Partnerships

Technicolor Academy

Creativity and problem-solving have always gone hand-in-hand for senior VFX artist and head of learning Fortunato Frattasio. His passion for detail began during his education and early career in graphic arts. With the advent of advanced digital technology, Fortunato left design to pursue a career with high-end software developer Auto Desk. Quickly becoming one of the company’s experts, he trained other artists and was soon offered a position with Warner Bros. in Los Angeles. There, Fortunato worked on projects including Mars Attacks, Contact and Batman & Robin. 20 years and 91 feature film credits later, Fortunato returned to Montreal to join MPC as a Compositor and then Compositing Instructor for the MPC Academy. Currently, Fortunato is the Head of North America Education Partnerships overseeing the learning and development for five different departments while continuing to incorporate school outreach and content development.

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